Press/Media/Photography/Painting/Group Visits

Drones and Quadcopters

The flying of Drones and Quadcopters is strictly prohibited at American Tobacco (daytime and nighttime) to include flying over the main Campus, Diamond View Park, Diamond View Buildings, and the Durham Bulls Athletic Park.  A formal policy is being reviewed by our risk management and legal team.   

Photographer Info


Personal Shoot -  not used for commercial purposes

  • No Charge
  • No photography -- From any of the Parking Decks, at any level 
  • No photography - Bay 7, the rail car, and lobby and interior areas are not permitted
  • No photographing or video of individuals without their permission
  • No interruption or pass-through of equipment through Restaurant Patios  
  • No blocking of stairs anywhere on Campus
  • No hair, makeup or wardrobe changes allowed
  • No models, for apparel or other commercial products
  • No power access
  • No group photographer shoots (10 people or more) without prior approval to include the scheduling of "mini-sessions"-- see Group Visits below
  • No pop up photography studios
  • Products and Modeling photography are considered a commercial shoot

Photos are for personal use only.  Due to high demand for family and engagement photos, we no longer require a reservation or sign in.

Commercial Shoot

ATC is a frequent host to commercial shoots (Photography and Video). Site visits must be done in advance and ATC will approve storyboard prior to shoot.

Insurance may be required, as well as the completion of our video/photo release. Reservations and site coordination should be made no later than 30 days prior to the shoot.

Rate:  $250 per hour - Items to be reviewed include:

  • Script and storyboard review
  • Parking
  • Electrical pulls
  • Green Room ­needs to accommodate hair, make­up w/private restroom
  • ATC Staff assigned to monitor your logistics
  • Photos/Videos are for marketing, web, print, books, documentaries, television shows, etc.
  • If this is a model shoot, models attire to be reviewed by ATC management prior to the shoot
  • Signed photo/video release required
  • Insurance may be required
  • Must be scheduled in advance

Photographers Contact

Valerie Ward
Director of Marketing & Events
Blackwell Street Management Company, LLC
(919­) 433-­1570 

Using Our Photographs

Photographs on our Flickr channel are available for non-commercial and media usage under a Creative Commons license.

No additional fees or photographer credit required.  


American Tobacco is a large supporter of the arts in the Durham community.  As a courtesy to tenants and residents:

  • Artists wishing to paint at American Tobacco, and subsequently sell their portraits, should contact the Management Office to schedule an appointment. A sitting fee to cover paint clean up and insurance oversight may apply.
  • Artist groups wishing to paint on Campus, for leisure or profit, need to schedule in advance for event and parking coordination.  A sitting fee to cover paint clean up and insurance oversight may apply.
  • For safety reasons, painting in or on top of the parking decks is prohibited.

Group Visits

American Tobacco is a very busy place for both business and entertainment activities.  Group visits need to be coordinated and confirmed 30 days in advance of arrival.  Fees, insurance and photo/video release may apply depending on the nature of the group activity.

Initial items required include start time, end time, # of people, parking needs (bus/car), description of group activity. (ex: Scavenger hunts, photography classes, school and church groups, painting groups, etc.)   A formal confirmaiton sheet documenting andy fees, insurance, and photo/video will be issued once approved and in advance of arrival.


Valerie Ward, CPCE - Director, Marketing & Events at or 919-433-1570


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