We take your security and safety very seriously. The American Tobacco Historic District campus is patrolled 24 hours a day, seven days a week by trained and courteous security officers.

The main security desk is located in the Strickland Building lobby.

Telephone 919-433-1563

Campus Policy

The American Tobacco Campus is a business and entertainment center. As such, we do not allow activities not usually associated with the safe and orderly operations of workplaces and entertainment. Political protests and demonstrations of any kind are not appropriate to the campus environment and as such are not allowed.

However, American Tobacco has welcomed ‘cause’ oriented events, primarily respectful fun runs and walks, so long as the event:

  • is not disruptive to regular operations
  • does not denigrate other people, groups or points of view
  • is organized in accordance with American Tobacco guidelines (which we will provide)  


American Tobacco is a smoke free property, with the exception of the following locations:

  • North Deck – Level 1 – Carr Street End
  • East Deck – Level 1 – Mangum Street End

Please help keep our Campus clean by discarding any cigarette waste in the smoking urns provided.

River Access

  • Feel free to dangle your feet in the river.  However, for safety reasons there is no wading or standing in the river.  
  • On occassion, during large event, we will post signs with regards to no standing in the river.


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