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The Bullpen PopUp - Jeddah's Tea

PopUp Retail at the Bullpen
359 Blackwell Street

November 30 - December 21, 2018
Monday - Friday - 7 am - 2 pm

Jeddah's Tea has been a dream in-the-works for many years but came to fruition in 2018, here in Durham, NC. A husband-and-wife team, Wael and Morgan, combine their passion for teas, social activism, and community and aim to create a space where all people can come together over a great cup of tea. They offer organic, fair-trade and vegan traditional tea blends from across the globe.

Jeddah's Tea is unique in that we serve authentic tea blends from areas such as Somaliland, Morocco, Egypt, Brazil, Senegal, and other countries are under-represented in the American tea market.

We started Jeddah's Tea as an homage to Wael's "Jeddah" (grandmother), who escaped civil war in Somaliland and opened a tea and spice shop in her new country in order to bring her brand of love and comfort to the people. We hope to do the same here in Durham. #teatothepeople

IG: @jeddahstea


The Bullpen PopUp - Jeddah's Tea

Friday, November 30, 2018 - through Dec 21, 2018
07:00 AM

The Bullpen

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