Tenant Address Phone
8 Rivers Capital Suite 410, Crowe Building +1 919 667-1800
Acorn Innovestments AU @Main
Action NC Reed Building
Acumen Physicians Solutions Suite 430, Fowler Building
Adwerx Washington Building 9197948186
Aloft Hotel Diamond View Park (919) 402-5656
Alpha Med Press Suite 260, Reed Building 919-680-0011
American Underground @ Main AU @Main
Amundi Pioneer Suite 301, Diamond View II Building 919-967-7221
Angus Barn Bay 7, Washington Building
Ansible, Inc. Suite 540, Diamond View II Building (800) 825-0212
Archibus Solution Centers Suite 1204, Bay 12, Washington Building 919-667-9439
Art Institute of Raleigh-Durham Suite 200, Fowler Building
ATC Crowe Barber Shop Suite 110, Crowe Building
Automated Insights Suite 400, Diamond View I Building
Avalara Suite 100, Diamond View I Building 919-627-9900
Basan Suite 220, Diamond View III Building 9197979728
Beghou Consulting 330, Diamond View II
Bella Trio Studio Day Spa & Salon H120, Diamond View Park
Bronto Software Suite 410, Bay 5, Crowe Building 9195952500
Bull Durham Beer Company 135,
Burt's Bees Hill Building
Campaign 4 Change Suite 107, Reed Building
Capitol Broadcasting Company Suite 104, Old Bull Building 9192659042
CED Suite B012, AU @ATC 919-549-7500
Center for Advanced Hindsight 320, Strickland Building
CMG Partners Suite 420, Fowler Building
Coman Publishing Washington Building
Commerce Tools 240, Reed Building
Copeley Johnson & Groninger PLLC Suite 101, Old Bull Building 919-240-4054
Corios Suite 103, Old Bull Building 503-597-0696
Cuban Revolution Reed Building
CYLNDR 200A, Strickland Building
D3 Development Suite 1130, Washington Building
Digital Marketing Foundry Suite B007, AU @ATC
Digital Turbine Suite 500, Crowe Building 9195354094
Duke Alumni Association Suite 101, Noell Building 919-684-5114
Duke Corporate Education Lucky Strike Building
Duke Finance Suite 850, Bay 9, Washington Building
Duke Innovation in Healthcare Suite 920, Bay 9, Washington Building
Duke Office of Counsel 4th Floor, Lucky Strike Building
Duke OIT Suite 1100, Strickland Building
Duke Real Estate Suite 950, Bay 9, Washington Building
Duke School of Divinity Suite 101, Noell Building
Duke University, Government Relations Suite 920, Washington Building 919-668-6286
DUMAC Diamond View II Building
Echo Health Washington Building
Ecoplexus Inc. 100, Old Bull Building 919-602-3512
FHI 360 Suite 200, Diamond View III Building 919-544-7040
Groundwork Labs AU @Main
Hatteras Venture Partners Suite 350, Diamond View II Building
Hortonworks 100, Noell Building
InspiRx 100, Old Bull Building 919-797-1106
James Scott Farrin Suite 400, Diamond View II Building
Leadership Triangle Reed Building
LeChase Construction Services Bay 10, Washington Building
Little Diversified Architectural Consulting Suite 10, Fowler Building 919-474-2500
Mary Duke Biddle Foundation #101, Reed Building 919-493-5591
Maybelle's 150, Crowe Building
McKinney Suite 200, Strickland Building
Mellow Mushroom Fowler Building
MGT - John McAfee Global Technologies, Inc Suite 408, Diamond View I Building
Moe's Southwest Grill Suite 115, Diamond View III Building
Move Loot AU @Main
NanaSteak Diamond View Park 9192821183
NC Amateur Sports Suite 120, Crowe Building
NC IDEA/IDEA Fund Partners 400, Power Plant (919) 941-5600
Office of Research Informatics / Duke University School of Medicine Suite 340, Strickland Building 919-668-1888
Only Burger Diamond View III Building
Pinnacle Financial Partners Suite 140, Diamond View II Building
Provident Funding Associates Suite 180, Crowe Building
Reiter Advisors
Renesas Suite 620, Bay 6, Washington Building 1-919-794-3476
Rheti Inc. B032, Crowe Building
Roivant Sciences 1220, Washington Building
Saladelia Cafe Lobby, Crowe Building
Scalawag 130, The Mission Post 9197979243
Self Help
Shelco, Inc.
Shoeboxed Suite 402 , Diamond View I Building 919-687-4269
Smashing Boxes Suite 240, Diamond View III Building
SOJE Capital LLC Suite 1202, Bay 12, Washington Building 919-680-3605
SpiritHouse Inc Suite 105, Reed Building (919) 697-8090
Square 1 Bank, a division of Pacific Western Bank Suite 240, Crowe Building 919-314-3040
SunTrust Bank Diamond View I Building
SZL, Inc. Suite 520, Washington Building
Tanium Suite 330, Diamond View II Building 9195909365
Teach for America Suite 1160, Bay 11, Washington Building (919) 597-7200
The Furniture Society Reed Building
The Nature Conservancy Suite 300, Strickland Building 919-403-8558
Three Oaks Engineering Suite 1140, Bay 11, Washington Building
Ticketmaster Mobile Studio Suite 150, Reed Building 9192821244
TiVo Suite 200, Washington Building
Tobacco Road Sports Cafe Diamond View II Building 919-937-9909
Topsail Technologies, Inc. Suite 220, Crowe Building 919-683-2300
Triangle Transit Authority
Tyler's Taproom Bay 4, Washington Building 919-433-0345
Verity Assest Management 550, Diamond View II Building
WillowTree Inc. 1040, Washington Building (919) 230-4096
Wired Triangle AU @Market
WUNC Suite 600, Bay 6, Washington Building
Wyrick Robbins Yates & Ponton LLP Suite 1240, Bay 12, Washington Building

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